Zoning and Planning

VoC_Districts_Zoning_Map_25Zoning Board of Appeals
Office- 330-882-4782
DeAnna Passmore
Craig Hoffman
Dean Philips
Pete Probonic
Robert Bell

The Zoning Board of Appeals will regularly meet the

3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

If there is no business to go before the board, the meeting will be canceled.

New Proposed Zoning Ordinance

The following links are PDFs outlaying new zoning ordinances the council is looking to adopt.

Part 11 – Planning and Zoning Code (with Effective Date)

_Exhibit B_ Village of Clinton Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Inspector

William Funk
Office – 330-882-4782
Fax – 330-882-5220
Cell – 330-417-2298

Planning Commission

Chairman, Scott Julian
Allen Knack (Mayor)

Mike Smith
Clarissa Allega (Council Representative)
Robert Miller